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♥Sunday, June 12, 2011

"You know I think I'd haunt you."

♥Friday, June 03, 2011
I'm emotionally attached with coldplay. I'm ridiculous crying now.

♥Sunday, May 01, 2011
love is a give from God. so where there is love, there's God.

♥Monday, March 21, 2011
I'm missing you.. I miss you so much. hmmmm.. I'm tired of this feeling but I can't bear to handle it on my own. I miss we were seating on the couch while watching television, the excitment we had, the laughed we had. I miss them. I miss we had milo together at your place, you were preparing those peanut butter breads just for me. the nicest food you ever made for me. I miss them. noone ever did that to me. and I miss you more. I miss we were seating together beside the pool, talking to each others and listening to your cool-song lists. I still remember each of songs in your playlist. I miss you so much. I miss we always had a same desire on food and drink - plain water, brocolli, mac cheese, cheese, almond bread, banana. We ate a lot. i'm missing you more. this is crazy for me but I still miss you. I miss we were watching The Tourist at an exclusive movie hall, we were seating on these comfort-couches side by side, you were teasing me all the time. that was the first time you said that you really like me MORE. I really miss you. I miss everytimes you came all the way from P to K just to fetch me back from work and you always teasing me in your car (bumble bee) and made me laughed out. I miss them. I miss each times you were protecting me from getting hurt by people around me. the way you cared about me, asking me where I go and what I do.. I feel very loved, secured and appreciated.. I really miss you. I miss your voice, a voice that always advise me, guide me, tease me, nag me and sing for me. i miss your delicate smile and that smile always make me smile. I miss you now. I miss when you kissed my forehead, you has opened your heart for me and shared your life with me. I miss you even more. I miss when you hugged me on the couch, on the bed.. you were so nice to me, "I can feel you in me". I miss our first kissed, the moment I said "I love you" which I really meaning it and that was the moment I believe in love again because you made me breathe again. I'm sorry I can't help myself. I'm sorry that I still have feeling toward you. I'm sorry that I still love you. I'm sorry that I'm missing you so badly. I'm sorry that I bugging you alot. I'm sorry for being myself. 

♥Thursday, March 17, 2011
hey you for still stay tune viewing my silly blog.. it's been ages I have not updating my blog. since I have an iPhone (not to show off) I rarely update it cause impractical for me. I prefer Tumblring cause there's a Tumblr Application for the Iphoner. I think The Blogger needs to do something for user like me. As I'm addicted to my cellphone, Most of the times, I'll update via it. it means Tumblr is more user-friendly and practical for me. but once awhile I will still update my blog. So for you guys who eagerly wanna read my world of thoughts and dramas, you could drop by at ezzeline.tumblr.com. see you guys. xoxo.

♥Sunday, March 06, 2011
emotionally attached.

♥Saturday, March 05, 2011
I decide to spend this entire year in celibacy.

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